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Exhibition Participation Terms

White Birds Art Center

Exhibition Participation Conditions

1. Our exhibitions are open for international painter participations.


2. Participation in our exhibitions is limited for 2 artworks.


3. The largest image size is 150×100 cm


4. Those who participate with works under 60×40 cm dimensions determine the number of works based on this size. (For example 50×50 cm you can participate with 3 artworks)


5. Exhibition participation fee to participate in the exhibition:

300 ₺/ 1 artwork,

$10/1 artwork,

€10 / 1 artwork


6. Information to be sent by the painters for participating in our exhibitions:


-1 artist photo,

-2 artwork photos

-short CV,


-Instagram / Facebook Links

-mobile Tel,


-Address info,

-Receipt of participation fee:


Akk Bank,

Ömer Selim Alpaslan,



sent to our e-mail address.

For a solo exhibition, please send a request via email with the same artist information.

7. The works of painters applying for participation in our exhibitions must consist of original works. Works that do not comply with this condition will not be exhibited and no responsibility will be accepted for their return!


8. If there is no call for a exhibition with a theme, the subject and technique are free.


9. It is the participant's responsibility to bring the paintings to the exhibitions or send and resend them  to the gallery by cargo and back.


10. It is mandatory for the works in exhibitions to have hanging brackets on the back,

the artist's name, surname, mobile number and address information, as well as measurement, technical and price information of the works.


11. Our exhibitions are for display and sales purposes. the Gallery will get 30% commission of each sale.

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